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We design and build our products for agents because we believe and now know that the agent is at the centre of the real estate industry.

Our products help you take control of your agent business with simple to use products.

Our products are either nil or low set up and have no contracts.

We believe as an agent you own the data and that’s why it is easy to take with you.


Automated Agent Marketing System is a specialist marketing and prospecting system designed for agents.

Automatic Prospecting & Marketing Database

Automated Agent Websites

Imagine easily entering a contact into your phone and then your client automatically receives a beautiful marketing email on properties you list and sell. Now that they are your client, they receive a birthday email and on the anniversary of their purchase are sent a reminder offering them a complimentary update on price. All templates are agent personalised and professional marketing emails.

We designed and built this product because we know that agents are time poor. Most databases in the market place are designed to run full real estate offices and hence are complicated. This system focuses on the most important marketing and prospecting activities of an agent.

Automatic Prospecting & Marketing Database IS VERY SIMPLE

Designed for smartphones

Easy data entry

Quickly identifies your pipeline sellers and buyers

Simple tasking system

Just Listed, Just Sold, Anniversary and Client Birthdays emails are all automated

Emails you a summary of clients you have added to the system

Emails you a daily task list so you do not miss anything

Easy Integration With Your Agent Website (Optional)

We help reduce the support staff cost

One of the biggest challenges for agents in the future is employing support staff. You basically need to write $120,000 in fees just to go close to breaking even on a support staff member.

Automated Agent Websites

I chose Automated Agent Marketing to build my personal website because their skills and experience in website design far exceeded anyone I have met in the IT industry over the last 20 years. The website was able to get set up in less than 48 hours. For many years I considered building a personal website but it was too costly, time consuming and complicated. The Automated Agent Website was absolutely amazing as the web page was very engaging and it contains useful information which sellers and buyers will find extremely useful. Finally after 25 years in the real estate industry I am now in full control as I own my personal profile website. The biggest advantage is that my agent profile will stay with me forever no matter where I go in the future.
Personal branding is paramount for a Real Estate Agent. Making it easy for future clients to discover top agent services is what it`s all about. After a review and short listing several web builders, I choose to go with Automated Agent Website after our briefing. The services and skills in this area were closely matched to the demands and features of what I was looking for. Best of all, the custom built website allows me to have as little or as much control as I want. Brilliant. I am delighted with the outcome and very much look forward to myriad possibilities the website feature/function has to offer in both technology and capacity space. Great job Automated Agent Website.